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Established in 1996 our company, All Professional Remodeling, is committed to providing residential and commercial customers with various roofing, siding and gutter services. By showing a commitment to quality and excellence on every project, our roofers are able to provide every client with a personalized experience. Our use of high quality products, expert workmanship and extensive training all come together to ensure that every roofing project is done right the first time.

Our founder, Maciej Michalski, initiated the service on the basis of teamwork and strong ethics. In addition to expanding the different types of products and services offered by the company, Maciej also is a part of the work crew. By having our owner on site to ensure the best level of craftsmanship possible, All Professional Remodeling is able to assure home and business owners that their best interests are at the forefront of every project.

Customers are provided with a complete and custom package of services, even for simple and small repair jobs. From prompt customer call backs to detailed written estimates, ongoing budget reviews, explanations of detailed product warranties and tips on scheduling routine maintenance, our roofers join with homeowners and business managers to be a part of a total care team.

Once a client makes contact with All Professionals office's staff, they are able to meet in person with one of our experienced roofers who will work on their house or building. In most cases, the homeowner will meet with Maciej Michalski, our owner. Many property owners request roofing inspections, especially in the aftermath of severe weather events like hailstorms or wind storms. The company's owner is then presented with a detailed report of our inspector's findings and a listing of recommended repairs or remedies to resolve any damage.

Our roofers are able to fix a wide variety of roofing problems. From clogged or damaged rain gutters to corroded downspouts, blocked rooftop drains or missing flashing, these small fixes can have a big effect on a roof's performance. Our roofers can also perform bigger repairs like replacing broken clay tiles, sealing an asphalt buildup roof or replacing worn out shingles on an asphalt shingle roof.

After 20 or more years of exposure to the sunlight, rain and wind, a rooftop will need to be replaced. Our team at All Professionals Roofing can help any property owner select the most efficient and cost effective roofing material for their needs and budget.

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