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A butterfly roof can be one of the most attractive and innovative styles of roofing for a homeowner to have installed onto their property. These roofs are eye catching structures that are frequently featured in both commercial and residential locations all around the world. The roof is given its name for the way the two slopes connect together at a V shaped angle, resembling the wings of a butterfly. It is an aesthetically pleasing design that a Bergen County roofing contractor can install, but because of the way that the roof is built, homeowners may need to pay special attention to their maintenance duties.

The butterfly style is comprised of two shed roofs joined together at a downward angle to create a valley. This section is sometimes called a reservoir, and the exact angle depends on what kind of presence the homeowner would like to create. The slope is often slight to create a more modern appearance, but it is common for individuals to invest in a more angular build to use the higher sections of the attic for additional space.

This structure is advantageous because it can create a source of rainwater in areas that experience droughts.

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The central valleys can be used to catch the rainwater and direct it into a container. Here, the rainwater can either be purified for drinking or used for jobs that do not require purification, such as crop irrigation. These roofs can also create higher sections of walling at their upper slopes, which the homeowner can use to their stylistic advantage. Homeowners might install taller than average windows or glass doors at these sections, letting in more sunlight and pleasant breezes to make the home much more comfortable. The appearance of these glass sections can give the room an open and airy atmosphere.

While this rooftop can be a good addition to the home, it is not recommended for areas that feature heavy rainfall. Excessive moisture and weight on a single section of the roof will usually result in structural problems and damage. Even with proper reinforcement, the joists beneath the roof will end up weighed down over time. In the some scenarios, the damage will be readily apparent in the attic, and in the worst case scenarios, the roof may collapse with little warning. Some homeowners may enjoy the design challenges that come with lower ceilings at the center of the home, but many may find it difficult to establish the right lighting and overall design because of the height differences.

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