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From leaks to missing shingles, there are a number of issues that can develop on roofs over time. Unfortunately, animal or insect infestations are a problem that can lead to more damage the longer that it's neglected. To ensure that homeowners prevent infestations on their roof, there are a few steps to take while following the lead of a Bergen County roofing professional.

It's important to remember that animals often have access to a roof through nearby tree branches that act as a bridge onto the home. Residents should cut back the branches every few months to avoid welcoming new critters onto the roof. Rats are often attracted to fruit that hangs on trees, allowing them to find their way onto the home. If homeowners find fruit peels in their yard, it's a sign that it's time to call a professional. Nearby shrubs should also be trimmed consistently or replanted away from the building.

Animals often have access to the roof through the attic if holes are present. The ventilation should be checked for holes or cracks and the air register should be sealed. The chimney should also have a cap in place to ensure that the flue is covered. Any cracks that are larger than a quarter on piping, walls, or the foundation of the home should also be covered.

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Soffit vents and fascia board are also common entry points for small critters and should be inspected regularly.

If homeowners have spotted squirrels or raccoons running across electrical wires during the day, a professional roofer should be called immediately to inspect the roof. Similarly, droppings and chewed electrical wires are signs that an infestation has already occurred or that animals have been present on the property.

Similarly, bats can be avoided from entering the attic directly underneath the roof by keeping doors and windows closed or by having a screen installed to prevent them from flying in. Damaged screens should be replaced or repaired immediately. Any square that is more than half a square inch in size should be sealed. Netting can also be used on areas where gaps are present. Crumbled chicken wire or steel wool are ideal options that will prevent bats from getting through.

Preventing rodents from making a home on the roof also includes sealing off trashcans on the property and make sure that each door on the home fits properly. Vegetation should always be maintained for a clean landscape that reduces the risk of an infestation.

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