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Many roofs suffer from a significant amount of damage during the winter months when rainfall, winds and snow arrive. This often destroys roofing materials and can cause multiple leaks to form on the home. Fortunately, there are a few ways to safeguard the structure with the services of a Bergen County roofing professional.

Schedule an inspection of the roof at the end of the fall season to prepare the structure for winter weather. The professional will ensure that all of the tiles or shingles installed are intact and are secured properly to the deck. The flashing will also be inspected around vents or chimneys to ensure that the roof is sealed from moisture.

The rain gutters will need to be checked to ensure that they are secured properly to the roof and will remain intact during high winds. They will need to be cleaned out to ensure that water can flow freely and doesn't become backed up. Clearing out the gutters from debris will also prevent termites from infesting the roof by living off moisture that accumulates in the system. Keeping the gutters clear from water will also prevent ice from forming, which can weigh down the structure and can cause leaks.

An effective way of reducing the risk of damage is to keep the attic properly insulated, which will prevent freezing temperatures in the space.

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Use vents and fans to circulate cool air each day; this will prevent snow from freezing on the roof and creating ice dams. Ice dams are known to rip off roofing materials and even damage the paint on the siding. Extra insulation can also be installed in the attic to reduce the risk of ice from forming. Additionally, homeowners will need to remove snow that does not melt by using a roof rake, as this will keep the structure clear of ice. Work from the bottom of the roof up toward the center to ensure that small portions of snow are removed at a time.

Metal roofs can also be re-coated to prevent damage or wear to the surface of the materials. Standing debris that is present on the roof should also be cleared away, as it can lead to damage once the winds pick up.

Preparing for storms includes contacting professional tree trimmers to cut back branches that are in close proximity to the roof. This will prevent the structure from having contact with the trees in the middle of a heavy storm.

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