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Among high end roofing materials, slate is perhaps the most luxurious. Regardless of the architectural style that it complements, its beauty is unmatched. Slate is hand split and then sold without the addition of dyes or artificial enhancements. The available colors, which include gray, green, black, brick red and even purple, are the shades that have developed naturally during rock formation inside the quarry. Each roofing slate is unique in appearance but readily blends with similar units on a roof's surface. Questions about this solid, versatile material can be directed to Bergen County roofing professionals.

The customer's first order of business when selecting slate for a roofing project is to determine whether a hard or soft variety is the best choice. Although some exceptions can be found, black slates are generally soft, and colored ones are hard. An existing roof with a light color may actually be a black slate system that has faded through the years. A certified slater can distinguish between hard and soft by tapping on the material. If the homeowner is considering a roof replacement, then the slate type can be an important factor in the decision. Hard systems have been known to last up to 200 years and are often worth the restoration process.

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The life expectancy of soft slate is about half that length but is substantial in comparison to most other roofing materials.

Many slate systems were installed in the early 20th century and continue to function today. These roof coverings may leak as the result of broken or missing slates and can be easily repaired as long as no damage has affected the lower layers. Even one impaired slate should be fixed or replaced immediately so that a complete overhaul can be avoided. At times, leaks can be caused by broken or deteriorated flashing. This situation normally calls for a total restoration. If the system is nearing the end of its lifespan, then the property owner should opt to replace the roof in its entirety. Otherwise, the slate can continue to serve in the form of strong roofing components after the metal pieces underneath have been repaired. Particular attention must be paid to areas of penetration such as chimneys, vents and dormers. The cost can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the roof and its specific features.

Before a new slate roof can be installed, the homeowner must be sure that the structure of the house can hold the weight of the system. If slate is a viable option for the framework and the price is affordable for the client, then this top rate roofing system will provide decades of beauty and sophistication to the neighborhood.

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