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Homeowners interested in environmentally friendly alternatives to standard windows might want to consider installing a skylight in the living room, kitchen or upstairs bedroom. Natural lighting can greatly reduce reliance on electricity by as much as 10 percent. At the same time, a skylight can provide the home with the brightness and warmth that only comes from natural sunlight. In fact, due to the way a skylight is angled, the glass allows up to four times more heat into the room than a regular kitchen window.

Heat and light are controlled by carefully choosing the location of the skylight. Homeowners can take advantage of maximum heat and light by consulting a Bergen County roofing expert for advice. Since a skylight is cut into the roof, a professional roofer will be able to explain to the homeowner the advantages and disadvantages of the direction the skylight faces.

For example, when installed into an east facing slope, the home receives maximum light and heat from the sun during morning hours. If placed on the opposite side of the roof, the afternoon sun might provide too much warmth. By adding specialized shades or louvers, the light and warmth can be directly controlled by homeowners, which will also increase the room's ventilation capacity on warmer days.

Skylights come in various sizes, shapes and designs.

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While a rectangular shape is the most common, circles, triangles, diamonds, ovals and even multi dimensional designs are also available. Some skylights are completely sealed after installation, while other types offer homeowners the added benefit of being able to open the window using a hand crank or electrical motor. Some designs even come with special sensors that close automatically when it rains.

High quality lights are manufactured using glass pane, but plastic skylights are also available. Plastic windows allow the manufacturer to shape the skylight into artistic designs such as domes or pyramids. Raised designs allow sunlight to enter the home from different angles than traditional skylights and are useful in geographical areas that get lots of rain or snow. They are also beneficial for yards with trees that overhang the roof since their upraised shape discourages leaves from piling up on the glass.

While plastic skylights are less likely to break during a storm, they will scratch easily and may need to be replaced by a professional roofer more often than glass. Unlike plastic, glass won't discolor, and so many homeowners prefer to use a tempered glass. Skylights with tempered glass are impact resistant against breakage and, therefore, more durable long term.

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