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Stucco is a siding option that has been used for hundreds of years. Romans and Greeks used a stucco like material that was made out of marble dust, gypsum and glue for their exterior walls. Italians later refined the material, and its use spread throughout Europe quickly. Bergen County roofing and siding experts say that few siding options give homeowners more benefits than stucco.

Stucco isn't the cheapest siding option available, but it's not the most expensive either. In general, it's considered a budget friendly option for most homeowners. The price of natural stucco varies greatly depending on the grade and whether it's being professionally installed, which is recommended because the material is vulnerable to moisture until it dries properly.

One benefit of stucco is that pigments can be added directly into the mixture, so homeowners can make their stucco any color they desire. Because the color is added directly into the stucco, it doesn't fade when it's chipped or scratched. Contractors can also give stucco texture depending on how they apply it to the house. Adding texture can create a unique appearance and even replicate the look of more expensive siding options.

Stucco is fire resistant and typically gets a Class A fire rating. This means that it often makes homeowners eligible for discounts from home insurance providers.

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Stucco is also highly energy efficient, which also helps homeowners save money. It acts as an insulator by trapping in cold air during the summer and warm air during the winter. Additionally, it's one of the few siding options that holds up well no matter the climate because it can expand and contract without cracking. It's especially ideal for homeowners who live in areas with large fluctuations in temperature throughout the year.

As with any siding option, there are some drawbacks to stucco. For example, stucco that isn't painted shows more dirt and stains, particularly because it's very porous, which gives dirt and grime a surface to attach to. Homeowners with stucco walls should have them professionally cleaned a few times a year. The best time of year to have walls cleaned is during the spring and fall months. If homeowners live in an area that's extremely dusty, it may be necessary to have walls cleaned four times a year.

Stucco is also known to crack when the foundation of a home shifts. This is mostly a problem with newer homes because the foundation hasn't shifted into place yet. Aside from costing money for repairs, cracks in stucco are easy to fix most of the time.

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