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Homeowners can use a simple method to repair their metal roofs. Just like any other roofing system, metal roofs need regular repair and maintenance. When properly performed, repairs can make a roof last longer than expected. For this to be done effectively, homeowners will need to have the necessary tools and understand the process of repairing a metal roof. The life expectancy of a metal roofing system is unparalleled when properly installed and maintained.

The tools needed for metal roof repair are a pencil, paintbrush, caulk gun, wire brush, cordless brush and metal snips. In the event the individual finds the process of fixing their roof challenging, they should contact Bergen County roofing professionals for assistance. Homeowners should make sure the roofers are knowledgeable in the repair and replacement of metal roofing systems.

Apart from tools, the other material required is a cleaner that does not leave residue such as Simple Green. Homeowners should paint with a color that matches the metal panel. Metal screws, preferably pan head, and a urethane sealant that closely matches the color of the metal roof will be necessary. Lastly, homeowners need a sheet of metal that matches the type of metal used to make the roof.

The first step is to clean the roof's surface. Thorough cleaning using a cleaner should completely remove all algae growth, film and dirt.

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If this is not done, the repair process will be compromised. The wire brush has to be used to scuff the metal panel's surface where the repair will be made.

Cutting the area and patching is the next step. The metal sheet used for repair should be cut 2 inches longer on each side for the repair to work. Once the patch has been cut, the homeowner can mark the area the patch will cover with a pencil.

Installation of the repair patch follows. The homeowner will apply a sealant to the surface of the metal panel that needs repair. The patch should be pressed into place. For effective results, the sealant has to bleed from the leading edge of all sides of the patch.

The patch should be painted to match the color of the roof. For effective painting, the surface of the metal panel just past the leading edge as well as the surface of the metal patch should be brushed. Paint must be applied to the surface of the underlying panel and the surface of the patch. Homeowners should note that it is crucial for the sealant to be given time to cure before paint is spread on the patch and sealant. Additionally, the repair can be only successful if the paint is compatible with the sealant selected. When installing a metal roof, do not forget the drip edge as it helps to prevent the roof from leaking.

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