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Understanding the reasons why most roof types fail can help homeowners deal with the problems that shorten the life of a roof. It will also enable them understand when to call a Bergen County roofing contractor to conduct the repairs. This article highlights some of these common causes of roof failure that every homeowner should know.

A blister is one of the most common roofing problems that homeowners need to address. It occurs when water vapor is trapped between the components of the roof system such as the insulation and the plies. During the day, the persistent heat from the sun causes the trapped water vapor to expand, creating pressure within the roof system.

Another common problem that homeowners can find on their roofing system is open laps. They occur on the roofing membrane and in the roof flashings. They occur as a result of shoddy work done by roofing contractors. If the roofer fails to apply enough adhesive, the laps will appear to be closed but open when seen from the roof ages. Open laps that appear on the single ply membranes are caused by improper surface preparation.

Splitting is also another common roofing problem.

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It occurs when a roofing contractor flashes metal accessory using a membrane material. As the temperature changes, the metal and roofing membrane expands at different rates. Membranes usually expand at a lower rate compared to metal. So as they expand, they eventually become loose and crack. The problem commonly occurs with asphalt systems.

Punctures are also some of the roofing problems that usually occur when people carelessly access the rooftop. They can also occur as a result of debris blown, tossed or left on the roof. They usually occur as holes or tears.

Poor roof design can also cause some of the common roofing problems. Roofing contractors should design a roof to cope with the surrounding environment. Some of the environments have stresses that can shorten the roof life span. One slight mistake of poor design can lead to water ponding. This occurs when a poorly designed section of the roof leads to accumulation of water. The problem of water ponding is accelerated when things like debris, molds or lichens accumulate on the sections of a poorly designed flat roof.

There are many problems and causes of roof failure. However, the ones highlighted above are common with many homeowners, and should they notice any of these problems, they need to contact their roofing contractors immediately.

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