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A leaky roof doesn't necessarily mean that there is a hole in the shingles. In fact, many variables that come into play when water begins accumulating in the attic. Most of these problems are easily identifiable by the average Joe. However, a thorough inspection by a Bergen County roofing specialist may highlight some of the less obvious leaks and compromises. Although the roof is a sturdy surface on the house, it can be corrupted by a variety of circumstances.

Broken shingles are one of the more common causes for leaks to form. This can happen from regular wear and tear, but it's more obvious after a violent storm as ice, snow and other debris can penetrate shingles and tear them from the roof. Even newly installed surfaces can be affected by a heavy hailstorm. This is why many homeowners will have the surface inspected after such storms.

Cracked or broken flashing can lead to leaks within the home or office. This happens when the sealant used on the flashing has corroded over time or a storm has essentially worked the material loose. If wind can get up underneath the flashing itself, it could tear the unit free from the home, causing additional damages.

Improper installations of skylights and other components can compromise the integrity of a roof. Even placing a satellite dish without weatherproofing sealant for fasteners on the roof can allow water to drip into the home, so it's wise to check these objects regularly to ensure that the sealant hasn't begun to rot or become damaged while exposed to the elements.

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Cracked or broken vent boots can allow water to seep deep into the structure. Although most vent pipes use a rubber boot, it can become corroded over time. Water can follow the pipe down into the home, which can be destructive depending on where the vent leads.

Ice buildup within gutters can cause damage to form on the edge of the roof. This by itself might not pose an immediate threat. However, it can lead to a leak forming when the ice begins to thaw if there is a small crack or hole near the fascia or drip edge of the roof. This can pose another complication should the invading water freeze again. Water expands when freezing, which could lead to widening the hole even further.

Condensation in the attic is a common occurrence, especially in areas that stay relatively humid. It doesn't take a lot of moisture in the air to condense onto internal components of the roof. This is why many homeowners have air circulating fans installed. It helps keep the moisture from accumulating on smooth surfaces.

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