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While the roof of a home provides protection against all the weather events that occur outside, including UV rays, wind and hail, the roof is also quite vulnerable. There are many problems that can occur within a roofing system. Many start out small and could grow into more serious and expensive problems if left alone. According to Bergen County roofing professionals, here are some roofing problems that homeowners should be aware of and call an expert to fix.

A roof missing shingles is the most common problem. Strong winds can cause shingles to uplift, especially on older roofs. Water can pool, and field membranes can shrink, leading to the loss of shingles. Missing shingles leave the roof vulnerable, not just in the area that is lacking a shingle but in all areas.

Most roofing structures have several valleys. These valleys can be problem areas as they act like river valleys by collecting all the water and being exposed to fast moving water. This can cause shingle damage and granule flaking, especially on roofs that were not installed correctly.

Another problem area related to water collection is at the head wall flashing. The head wall is where a roof slopes down as it meets the flat face of a wall. Here, rainwater will come to an almost complete stop and collect until it continues off the roof.

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In this area, even small holes can start a leak. Such a problem can be hard to diagnose and will potentially cause a lot of damage.

Wall step flashing is another area where the roof meets a wall; however, the wall step is a slope alongside the wall such as on the side of a gable. Flashing in this area that is damaged or has not been installed correctly will allow leaks. Not only will the flashing allow leaks, but it can also cause interior dripping far away from the original leak, making the leak hard to pinpoint and messy.

Roofers have a challenge when it comes to plumbing vent flashing. These vents are generally round, making it difficult to get the flashing around it accurately. Inexperienced roofers may leave gaps in this area that will predispose it to leaking. Leaks originating in this area can be problematic due to the fact that they don't always make themselves visible. In fact, leaks starting at the flashing around a plumbing vent can run along the plumbing, soaking into the drywall and wood, and are likely only found when the rotting wood is located.

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