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People tend to forget about their roof unless a leak or other significant problem occurs. In most regions of the country, spring is the rainiest season, and so it's a good time to check for any signs of a problem with the roofing system. Leaks are a common issue and can be simple to rectify if they are found early on. There are certain roof locations that are the most susceptible to water penetration, and, if a homeowner is aware of these problem areas, they stand a better chance of catching leaks quickly.

Roof repair may seem to be a difficult task. However, some repairs can be quite minor and easy to manage by the average "do it yourself" enthusiast. Extensive problems with a roof call for a Bergen County roofing professional to make an assessment and provide a fix.

Three areas are common locations for leaks. The most problematic area is usually the roofing that surrounds roof accessories such as the chimney. There are a few reasons this area can start to leak, ranging from degraded or damaged flashing to brittle caulking and cracks. Inspect the area around the chimney carefully to find the source of any leaks.

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If the problem is deteriorating caulking around the chimney's base, homeowners can easily fix this issue themselves by removing the old material and recaulking. Check the flashing around the chimney for cracks or other damage, and replace it if needed.

While skylights let in beautiful natural light, they are also very vulnerable to leaks. The leaks around this type of feature can be hard to spot, so check them out and inspect them carefully. The majority of skylight leaks happen due to problems with the flashing that has been installed between the roof and the skylight. The flashing should serve as a waterproof membrane, but, if the flashing is damaged or incorrectly installed, a professional will be required to replace it correctly.

The areas where sloping parts of the roof join are known as the valleys. Since this is a logical place for water to flow downward and pool, it's not a big surprise that this is an area prone to leaking. Typically, roof valleys should have flashing to make these meeting points impermeable to water. Again, if the flashing hasn't been installed correctly, there will be leaking, and a professional will be needed to make repairs.

By regularly checking the roof for signs of leaks and addressing them immediately, a homeowner can help maintain the good condition of their roof as well as avoid expensive repairs. Be sure to check the areas around the chimney, skylights and valleys.

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