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Water leaks that trickle down from a roof and enter the interior of a home are a nuisance that can cause a considerable amount of damage if stopped immediately. A small water leak can quickly turn into a nightmare if left alone. It is imperative that homeowners understand how to spot the signs of a leak, and repair them as quickly as possible, and understand the value of contacting professionals if needed.

A homeowner may get lucky and actually see or hear dripping water when a leak has occurred in their home. However, a homeowner should call a Bergen County roofing company to come out and assess the situation if this is not the case. A water leak is not always this obvious. Fortunately, there are signs that may indicate the presence of a leak. Water leaks will often give off a musty odor. This is one independent sign that indicates the possibility of a problem. Other signs are visible and are present in floors, ceilings and walls. Water leaks may be present if a homeowner discovers discolored patches, peeling paint, or wet, bulging areas inside of the home.

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If a person notices a leak in their house, they should investigate the rooms that are on the top floor and also explore the attic. During the investigation, they should shine a flashlight in all areas to determine if any liquid has penetrated through to the inside of their home.

If water has leaked through, the next step is for a person to get on top of the roof and examine all layers of roofing. Armed with a garden hose, a homeowner should spray water on any areas that may be damaged. It is easier to do this if a person has a helper inside to inform them when water flow increases. Damage may have occurred below the top layer of roofing material. A homeowner may have to tear off a few shingles to examine underlayment and decking.

Other areas on a roof may also need to be checked. The edging around chimneys, dormer windows and roof vents are possible weak points that are notorious for allowing water to enter the internal structure of the home. Also, in older homes that have had previous occupants, there is the possibility that satellite dishes were set up. If those dishes were removed and a homeowner failed to adequately fill in any empty holes, it would leave the area vulnerable to water.

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