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Homeowners seeking to brighten up an otherwise dark space can look to skylights, a flexible alternative to traditional windows. They can immediately brighten up a room and provide additional benefits to make the room more comfortable. A Bergen county roofing company can provide homeowners with a number of different types of skylights, from basic fixed windows to technologically advanced options. Homeowners should consider their options to choose the best skylight for their home.

The first thing to consider prior to getting a skylight installed is the room itself. If the room has direct access to the roof, homeowners can choose to get a fixed or ventilating skylight. These skylights are installed into the roof and appear to be a natural window that follows the slope of the roof. They are a great option for large rooms, such as living or family rooms. Fixed windows are simple panes of glass. They offer no special features aside from the extra light. Ventilated skylights can open slightly and provide better air circulation throughout the home.

Rooms that don't have direct access to the roof can benefit from a tubular skylight. These are a great option for rooms below an attic. Unlike standard fixed or ventilated windows, tubular windows may not provide a direct view of the outside.

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However, light is introduced into the space via a series of large tubes. A tube connects the main skylight to an opening in the ceiling of the room. As light enters the skylight, it bounces off the tubes and reflects into the room.

Another thing that should be considered is the glazing of the skylight. Homeowners can choose a specific glazing that works for their location or something that is best suited for their needs. One popular choice is filtered glazing. These skylights will filter light so that the natural sunlight entering the home isn't too harsh. Another option is impact resistant glazing. Homeowners can get strong skylights that can withstand impact from fallen tree branches, heavy snowfall or hurricane force winds. Glazing can be made from either acrylic or glass. Regardless of the material, the glazing can be treated to provide a number of different benefits.

Additional features can be added to the skylight to improve comfort and usability. One of the most common features is remote control functionality. Homeowners who get a ventilating skylight can use a remote to operate the window so that they don't have to manually open or close it. More advanced features can be incorporated as well. Some skylight manufacturers install sensors on the skylights that monitor temperature, humidity and rainfall. The skylight will then open or close based on the conditions of the home to ensure that the space is comfortable.

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