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Homeowners who are looking to reroof their home with the help of a Bergen County roofing professional have a variety of different roofing materials to choose from. There are several different products to use, which are each ideal for different climates. To determine the right fit for a property, there are a few options to consider during the process.

Slate tiles are a common choice for homeowners who have a larger budget. Lasting an average of 100 years, the natural material is popular for its durability as well as its attractive appearance. However, the material is also very heavy and can be difficult to transport, and residents may have difficulty finding a professional roofer who is experienced in installing it.

Metal roofs are practical for those who want an environmentally friendly product while living in a warm climate. Metal is extremely solar reflective, which prevents excess heat from being absorbed into the home. This helps reduce the energy bill during and can save homeowners thousands of dollars each year. Those concerned with their environmental impact can also rest assured in knowing that metal roofing products can be constructed out of recycled materials and can also be reused once its life as a roof is over.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material that is used in the United States.

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This product costs an average of $120 to $140 per square foot and is known to last 20 to 30 years before it needs to be replaced. The shingles need a moderate amount of maintenance throughout the years and are prone to leaks that can develop as a result of to wear.

Clay tiles are a popular choice in warm climates for their beautiful design and durability. The product can last 100 years but is still fragile and can crack or break under pressure. This can make it difficult to walk on the roof or perform repairs when they're needed. For those who want to stay cool on the property, clay tiles work well to insulate the home and prevent heat absorption on warm days.

Used on homes for centuries, wood roofs are another option that provides a natural appearance. The material needs more maintenance than other types of roofs, but it can last 30 years on the average home. Although wood is flammable, wood roofing materials can be treated with fire resistant coating to protect the roof from fire damage. Like metal products, wood roofing materials can also be reused once it's no longer functioning on the roof.

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