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When a homeowner is having a new or replacement roof installed onto their house, the primary consideration is usually the type of material, such as asphalt or composite shingles, clay, slate tiles, or cedar or redwood shakes. Other common considerations include the material's durability, maintenance needs and cost. When choosing from all the different types of roof materials, another concern to keep in mind is the material's color. In addition to affecting the home's curb appeal, different colors have varied effects on the roof's performance and the home's comfort. Property owners can work with experienced Bergen County roofing experts to choose a shingle or tile color that coordinates with their home's exterior and enhances its energy efficiency.

Darkly colored and black materials absorb the greatest amount of radiant energy from the sun. While this extra warmth may be appreciated by homeowners during the wintertime when the house feels chilly and the furnace is running without pause, the excess heat buildup that takes place within the attic may cause a variety of problems. Too much hot air in the attic can cause fastener failure with the nails or screws holding the shingles in place. The heat can also damage the roof's wooden decking, causing it to buckle or warp. If the attic is inadequately insulated, the heat can leak through the attic's floor and into the home's living spaces, causing the air conditioning system to work overtime in order to keep up with the cooling load.

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In addition to the permeation of radiant energy, the shingles or tiles themselves may become damaged by the heat. The dark materials absorb the energy. Some surfaces, such as asphalt and rubber, may begin to soften and weaken when heated too much. The extreme heat could cause the roofing shingles to crack, blister or split. This could result in a premature failure of the roof.

Light colored roofs reflect most of the sun's energy. In the summer, this means that the home stays cooler. Lightly colored roofs may be 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler on their surface than dark rooftops. Although the traditional color of asphalt shingles is black, manufacturers also produce them in white, gray, beige, blue, green and brown. Any of these colors will absorb less heat.

If a roof is in good condition, the homeowner can still have roofers change its color. This can be done to any kind of material, including roofs made from wood, clay, asphalt, rubber and metal. Reflective roof coatings are recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy as an efficient and inexpensive way to improve the home's comfort.

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