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Gutter cleaning is an essential part of roof maintenance that should be completed at least twice a year. Those who live in an area surrounded by many trees are encouraged to hire a Bergen County roofing specialist to clean their gutters even more frequently. If not removed regularly, leaves, twigs and other debris can easily clog the gutter and lead to serious consequences down the line. During the warmer months, such consequences include overflowing water, which can damage the landscaping and the foundation around the house. In the winter, clogged gutters can promote ice formation that can lead to ice dams, which have the potential to cause roof leaks and other damage.

Gutter cleaning can be a risky task if done by a person with little experience and understanding of how to clean the gutter. However, if one hires a professional contractor, the process of cleaning the gutter can be a simple task. A qualified professional contractor should be in possession of the right tools including gloves, ladders, a hose, a disposal bag and a garden trowel. For easy and safe climbing, the ladder should be firmly placed and used along with a ladder stabilizer or stand-off. This measure is taken to prevent denting and other damage to the gutters.

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After climbing the ladder, the contractor can then easily clean the debris out of the gutters. Cleaning begins at the downspout using a trowel and hose to ensure that all the downspout is clear of all debris. If the downspout is plugged, it may have to be taken apart to be thoroughly cleaned.

Contractors typically scoop out and dispose of all the debris into the disposal bag using a garden trowel. Then, they thoroughly rinse toward the downspout with a high pressure nozzle and scrub it clean afterward. In this process, they should check all the spikes that go through the gutter and the fascia and into the rift behind it. This is because, over the years, the spikes get loose and can detach from the rafter. When rinsing the gutters, they should also check for leaks caused by holes in the gutters or cracked caulking at the seams. If any leaks are found, the contractor will repair them to restore proper gutter function.

Recently, innovative contractors have come up with inventions to clean gutters. Some clean the gutter using tongs on extension poles or vacuums with gutter nozzles while others employ remote controlled gutter running robots.

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