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After a severe hailstorm, tornado or hurricane strikes, homeowners can be left with substantial roof damage that must be repaired. Since the roof protects the structural integrity of the house, most home insurance policies will cover the costly repairs. Going through the confusing insurance claims process and talking to adjusters can be daunting, however. As a first step, homeowners should contact a Bergen County roofing professional to conduct a full inspection of the roof's damage. It is best to work with a licensed and factory certified contractor who can determine whether the roof reasonably justifies an insurance claim.

Once the damage is assessed, contact the insurance carrier immediately to inquire about what's covered and what won't be. For instance, certain home insurance policies will only provide coverage up to a depreciated value. Others may provide the full costs of repair or replacement. Keep in mind that some carriers will take the roof's age into consideration to calculate coverage based on normal wear and tear. Insurance companies will send their own inspectors to investigate the claim. If damage is determined to be from aging or poor maintenance, the claim will likely be rejected.

Giving the insurance company plenty of proof is important to expedite the settlement. Before any storms hit, homeowners should already possess a set of recent roof photographs.

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Make certain that new pictures are taken whenever maintenance or repairs are done. Then, homeowners will be able to take new photographs of the damage for comparison. Sending in visuals and videos of the storm aftermath will add authenticity to the claim. Document all estimates, invoices or bills received from roofers for a smooth claims process too.

In most cases, carriers allow homeowners to select the roofing contractor of their choice for carrying out damage repairs. Get at least three estimates from reputable contractors. Rather than opting for the cheapest bid, select the roofer committed to quality work. Choosing a roofer with extensive experience in handling the insurance claims process is valuable. Look for roofing companies that employ certified public adjusters to completely forgo dealing with the insurance carrier. Homeowners will simply have to provide their policy number, deductible and date of storm damage.

Starting the insurance claims process quickly following roof damage from a storm is key. If the claim is denied, homeowners can request three separate adjuster inspections and file another. Having an experienced roofing contractor present during the inspection will increase the chances of being approved the second time.

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