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Water stains across ceilings and walls are often attributable to roof leaks. While leaks are usually easy to repair, finding the leak can be difficult for homeowners. Some simple tricks can help to track them down, and Bergen County roofing professionals also can help locate difficult to find leaks.

The best place to start when trying to find a leak is near the area of the stain or other indication that a leak is present. Homeowners should examine the area for any roof penetrations as they are the most common reason for roof leaks to develop. Even on older roofs, it's rare for a leak to occur in open areas of the roof. Keep in mind that leaks can be several feet or more above or around the area of the stain.

While this search can be conducted from the roof or the ground, the easiest way to pinpoint the location of a leak is through the attic. Telltale signs of leaking that may be present are dark or light staining, black marks or the presence of mold. If there's no attic access, such as with homes with vaulted ceilings, other methods need to be employed.

If a visual inspection doesn't uncover the location of the leak, using a hose to soak areas of the roof is another useful method that may uncover possible leak locations.

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This process requires two people, one to soak the roof and one to watch inside for dripping water. Begin in the area closest to the stains and start low on sloped roofs. Let the hose run for several minutes in each area before moving on so there's ample time to identify dripping. This method can take a substantial amount of time, but moving the hose from an area too quickly may lead to missing the location of the leak.

To pinpoint the location of a leak after narrowing down the area, start by removing shingles. There will be clear indications, such as discolored felt paper or rotted wood below and around the leak. Shingles may obscure these signs and have to be lifted or removed entirely to identify them.

Roof leaks are generally easy to repair once they've been found, but the longer repairs are delayed, the more severe the damage can become. Because of this, homeowners should identify roof leaks as quickly as possible. If the location of a leak still can't be identified, a roofing professional may have additional tips and tricks for locating it.

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