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When most homeowners envision a roof, they imagine one with a pointed top. This type, where two sloped sides meet at a ridge, is the most common Bergen County roofing example. However, flat roofs have been making inroads in recent years. It may be that the homeowner wants to install something useful atop the roof, like a solar panel, or the owner may want to create a small porch or garden atop the home. Whatever their reason for selecting a flat roof, homeowners who have one must care for it more than the traditional sloped option.

Debris can pile up more easily on a flat roof because it has no way to slide off. Leaves and dirt can pile up quickly, and homeowners must remove it just as quickly. If the debris is left to sit throughout the winter, the pile of leaves may turn into damaging mulch. Trees beside the home may have branches that hang close to the roof. Homeowners must take great care to limit a tree's potential to disperse leaves and other debris onto the roof.

Flat roofs may have more drains and scuppers than the sloped roofing options. Homeowners must make sure to thoroughly clean these two components. These are the paths whereby water will leave the roof.

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Any blockages may cause buildup of water. These accumulated puddles can cause damage to the roofing materials and leaks in the home below.

If a homeowner notices any large cracks or splits in a flat roof, repairs should be done immediately. If the materials beneath the outer surface of the roof are exposed, the roof becomes more prone to weather damage. However, smaller cracks are less worrisome. There are plenty of home kits available for handy homeowners to take care of these issues themselves. It is even possible to repair a rubber roof with any kit made for rubber repair, such as a tire sealant.

These issues aside, flat roofs have their advantages. They can allow for the easy addition of another room to a home. Flat roofs allow homeowners to take advantage of both the beauty of nature and the comfort of being at their home. This space can be an open canvas, giving homeowners a place for exercise, an outside office, or even a swimming pool, if the structure can support the weight of the water.

Although flat roofs do require some maintenance, it may be as simple as sweeping up a pile of leaves.

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