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The gable roof can be one of the most advantageous rooftop systems that homeowners can purchase for their property. It is a classic shape that can provide individuals with a variety of benefits if the installation is done right. However, before calling the Bergen County roofing experts, it is recommended for homeowners to think about some of the disadvantages that come with this roof shape as well. There are some hidden problems that homeowners should be aware of in order to make the most of their future project, and much like any other system, matching the correct shingles with the shape will provide the best results.

One of the biggest problems with this roofing system is the fact that the natural ventilation capacity in the roof's attic is not as ideal as it can be with other systems. A gable roof will need to have vents in order to allow hot air and moisture to leave the roof's surface. If proper ventilation is not provided along the roof's system, it may suffer from moisture damage, resulting in a variety of problems over the length of the system's life.

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With a gable rooftop, homeowners will need to invest in either gable or ridge vents in order to provide their space with the desired degree of airflow.

Gable roofs can also be problematic in areas that regularly experience high winds and hurricanes. If the support structures are not constructed in the correct way, the roof can collapse or be blown away. The overhanging sections of the roof, combined with the two notable gables results in points of weakness that do not break the wind in a particularly efficient way. The high winds can also cause the materials to peel away from the top of the roofing system. Homeowners will need to consult with the professionals to make sure that all of their uplift concerns are addressed, and it may end up costing more to have the appropriate reinforcements set along the roof's system.

Finally, homeowners who are interested in a more unique installation will not be pleased with the gable rooftop. Gable systems are one of the most common shapes installed on the rooftop. While it is possible for homeowners to invest in additional construction procedures to add to the roofing system, it will only add to the roof's costs. Homeowners who are interested in establishing more attic space or installing additional structures may want to invest in other rooftop shapes for their needs.

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