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Selecting a primary roofing system for the home can be difficult for first time homeowners. Building a house from the ground up can be exciting, but it is vital for individuals to synergize every component of the construction in order to guarantee that the home functions as desired. One of the most important considerations to make is around the roofing system and its shape. A gambrel roof can be a good option for certain homes, but it is not without its own flaws. Homeowners are encouraged to think about some of the disadvantages that come with this shape before they finalize their project with the Bergen County roofing specialists.

A gambrel roofing system features two slopes: one that is steeper and one that is less steep. The less steep slope is constructed higher, which means that it will be more likely to retain water and snow. This buildup can be problematic because it will put more weight onto the roof's structure, resulting in long term damage if the problem is not taken care of quickly. Homeowners will need to reinforce the gussets to prevent structural damage.

Wind damage can be another problem. Heavy winds can often be enough to cause uplifts in the structure. Because of how large the roof's structure is, it may not weigh enough to prevent wind damage from tearing the rooftop off of the home.

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Homeowners may need to consult with the professionals to make sure that the proper degree of support is installed with this roofing system to prevent such problems for occurring in the future.

The size of the gambrel roof may also mean that it will require a more intensive degree of ventilation in order to prevent moisture damage from marring the underneath of the roofing system. Larger rooftops will usually have more demanding ventilation needs. Homeowners will need to consult with the professionals to make sure that they are helping their system meet those needs. If the attic is not properly ventilated, homeowners will experience moisture damage underneath their rooftop.

Finally, the entire system may be particularly expensive for customers who do not know what to expect. The large size means that the system will be more costly based on materials alone. Additionally, it is a specialized roofing installation that only experienced professionals should ever install. There may also be additional costs to the system depending on where the homeowner lives and what type of reinforcement options they would like to explore.

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