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Seamless box gutters offer a convenient rooftop drainage solution for homes with unique architectural styles. Because they can be installed in angled spaces and do not hang off the edge of the roof, these gutters have different maintenance needs compared to jointed box gutters or the traditional type of perimeter rooftop gutter system. Experienced Bergen County roofing professionals can help homeowners to ensure that their seamless box gutters are well cared for and in working order all year long.

Seamless box gutters need regular cleaning to keep debris from clogging or creating obstructions at the vertical drain pipe. Homes that are located near trees may require more frequent removal of leaves, pine needles and sticks. Other materials can also get stuck inside the gutter, including toys, tools and bird or insect nests. Due to the tight quarters where box gutters are usually located, it may be best for property owners to hire an expert roofer to take care of this type of gutter maintenance.

Another important aspect of seamless box gutter care is painting of the wooden exterior. This wood should be painted every three years if it receives full sun exposure or is located in a particularly damp portion of the roofing system. Gutters with average sunlight and moisture exposure should be painted every five to eight years.

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Many contractors recommend an exterior latex paint finish for the wood on the material of choice. Roofers will scrape off the old paint, sand down the wood and then apply primer and new paint. The coating of paint protects the wood from problems such as warping, rotting and splitting.

Depending on the type of material lining the seamless box gutter, their interior portions may need regular maintenance as well. If the interior is lined with asphalt or roofing felt, then regular inspections are needed to make sure that no holes, pits or tears have developed in the liner. Roofers will patch the lining with caulk or sealant. They may opt to replace the structure it if it is moderately to severely damaged. Liners made from steel may also require patching if rust or corrosion develops. Small areas can be patched using a new piece of stainless steel and cutting out the problem spot with tin snips, while large areas in disrepair will necessitate a liner replacement.

Occasional sealing of the gutter's intersections with the downspouts is also needed. A silicon caulk can be used to line this joint. The roofers will smooth the caulk with a putty knife to create a waterproof seal.

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