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Hiring a professional Bergen County roofing expert is more important than most homeowners think. Thankfully, most homeowners will only need to replace their roofs once or twice in a lifetime, due to the longevity of most roofing materials; however, a roof can cost thousands of dollars and hiring the wrong roofer can be a costly and frustrating mistake. If a homeowner does not hire a reliable roofing contractor, they may end up with, at best, a poorly performing roof, and at worst, no new roof at all. All things considered, it makes sense for a homeowner to take some time and do some research prior to hiring a roofing contractor. Here are some major points homeowners should consider.

When making the first contact with a roofing contractor, the homeowner should ask for a list of references. Most professional roofers will have an already prepared list of several references to give to potential customers when they ask. If a roofer appears to be offended, taken aback, or simply refuses to give a list of references, the homeowner should likely look elsewhere.

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References provide a good foundation for what to expect from the roofing company and are an important part of hiring anyone who will do an expensive job.

Any reputable roofing company will have obtained the proper insurance and workers compensation coverage to do work in homes. The homeowner should ask to see the insurance certificates on file to verify coverage of the roofing company.

Communication is key with roofing contractors. If a contractor fails to return the calls of a homeowner or takes a long time returning emails, call, or texts, it may be a red flag. Contractors should be prompt and forthcoming in their communication with homeowners.

Before signing a contract, the homeowner should inquire about payments. Most experts agree that the homeowner should not pay for the roofing work until it is complete and they have assessed it for their satisfaction. The contract should clearly state when and how payments will be made to the roofing contractor, as well as exactly how much the job will cost.

The homeowner should also inquire about warranties. Many asphalt shingle manufacturers will warranty their product for as many as 20 or 30 years; however, poor or improper installation will often void any warranty. The homeowner should ask what warranties exist and what the contractor does to ensure that installation will not void the warranty.

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