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Roof vents play an important role in keeping the house cool, limiting humidity and preventing mold growth. Not many homeowners understand the importance of roof ventilation. Many think that roof vents are only necessary in hot climates and don't realize that the type of ventilation used makes a difference. Some Bergen County homeowners think that roof vents make the furnace run more during the winter as well. However, a roof vent enhances airflow and is important for all houses in varying climates.

Roof vents are still needed in cold climates and during the winter because they protect the home from moisture retention. In the summertime, they reduce humidity, so residents enjoy more comfortable temperatures inside the home. Without roof vents protecting the building from moisture and humidity, mold would start growing, which poses a health risk for homeowners.

Using the right type of ventilation and right number of vents for the house determines the effectiveness of ventilation. Bergen County roofing companies will be able to inform homeowners in the area whether they have the right vents for their homes or not. The type of vent needed is determined by a variety of factors: house design, materials used to construct the house, wind patterns and climate.

How many vents are installed in the roof has an impact on the quality of ventilation as well.

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Too many is just as bad as too few. A roofing specialist is trained to find the optimal number for homeowners. In general, 1 square foot of ventilation is needed for every 300 square feet of attic space.

No matter how good the attic ventilation system is, it cannot decrease the attic's heat level to outdoor temperatures because the roof transfers heat into the attic. The proper airflow that is provided with good ventilation decreases heat levels in the attic.

Roof vents do not cause the furnace to work harder. Insulation is responsible for retaining heat, so if that's a concern for homeowners, they should have better insulation installed.

Protecting the house from moisture damage and improving airflow is the purpose of air ventilation. Moisture damage can occur in the winter, so homeowners who live in cooler climates shouldn't disregard vents. The sun radiating through the roof heats up the attic. Many homeowners mistake the source of the heat as coming from their homes and worry that the vents cause higher electricity bills. However, it's poor insulation that results in poor heat retention for the inside of the home. Vents are needed in the attic to regulate heat from the sun.

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