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Homeowners must make sure their home's attic space has proper ventilation at all times. Proper ventilation will prevent the buildup of hot, moisture laden air that can encourage a multitude of high humidity related problems and roof repairs.

One mistake homeowners, and even insulation installers, often make is to allow attic insulation to drift over and cover the soffit vents located in the eaves of the roof. Covering these vents with a thick blanket of insulation is a surefire way to block the exchange of cooler, drier air from the outside with the hot, damp air inside the attic space.

In areas of high humidity, like Bergen County, homeowners should make sure there is always a good cross flow of ventilation in their attic. To ensure adequate airflow is actually occurring, contact a qualified Bergen County roofing professional for an inspection.

A trained roofing professional can quickly spot any ventilation problems in an attic, and he or she can assess any damage that may have already occurred to the underside of the roof. The homeowner will then receive an honest opinion of the problems involved and will be presented with affordable options for the needed repair.

If the moisture laden air isn't allowed to leave the attic, it will encourage an invasion of the dry rot fungus, mold and mildew.

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Dry rot fungus can break down wood fibers and eventually destroy the integrity of the roof structure. With continuous high humidity inside the attic, the dry rot fungus will grow on the underside of the roof decking and cause it to eventually collapse. Mold and mildew is prone to covering all surfaces, and the attic will develop a strong musty smell.

In the cold winter months, inadequate ventilation in the attic will cause a roof to develop ice dams that can inflict a great deal of damage on a roof and its gutter system. During the summer, the blazing hot temperatures that build up in an attic without adequate ventilation will place a huge strain on the home's HVAC system, potentially shortening the life of the equipment. In addition, the home will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature during the day.

Scheduling regular roof inspections will allow homeowners to feel confident that their roofs are being properly maintained and protected from potential serious problems. Regular inspections by a licensed roofing professional will also ensure a long life for the home's roof.

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