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Roofs make more contact with sunlight than any other part of a home, making them the first line of defense when it comes to keeping interiors cool during a hot day. Solar reflectance, otherwise known as albedo, is the factor that determines how much sunlight is reflected off a roof. The higher the solar reflectance, the better a roof will be able to keep a home cool. Thermal emittance, which describes the amount of heat a surface radiates, is also a very important factor when it comes to cooling. These two known quantities together determine whether something can be considered a cool roofing product.

Bergen County Roofing companies have been using cool roofing products to help customers achieve a wide range of goals, including improved efficiency, reduced air pollution and greater interior comfort and health. Since cool roofs reflect a lot of the sun's energy, air conditioners don't have to work as hard to reduce heat. This reduction in energy use helps reduce the need for fossil fuel energy production that increases the amount greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

The initial costs of a cool roof, which vary from location to location, may be intimidating to some homeowners. Coatings for low-slope surfaces can be as cheap as 75 cents per square foot while more complicated cool-roof membranes can be as much as 3 dollars per square foot.

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In 2015, the federal government updated the tax credits given to homes and businesses who purchase some Energy Star roofing products, making installing a more energy efficient roof much more affordable. The Environment Protection Agency and the Department of Energy identify products that help create cooler roofs by giving them the Energy Star label.

The overall net savings from installing a cool roof can be significant. In fact, a study from California shows that it can be as high as 50 cents per square foot per year. This number was calculated using a variety of factors, including increased heating costs, premium prices for materials, energy bill savings in summer and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Growth in the cool roofing market is exploding in the commercial sector, and residential customers are starting to realize the benefits as well. For businesses, the choice to reduce repair and maintenance costs in addition to lower energy bills is clear. Homeowners are more cautious of the higher upfront costs, but tax benefits and long-term savings are very attractive. Cool roofs are an exciting opportunity for both existing homes and new construction projects.

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