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An insurance company wants a good roof protecting any property under its coverage. This means that reimbursement for roof repairs or replacement can be obtained in many situations, especially after a fire or severe storm.

The wording of any particular policy will determine what is covered. When a homeowner wants to make a claim, calling the insurance agent is the first step. The agent will examine the policy and determine if coverage applies to a particular situation. If the damage event is covered, then the next step for the homeowner will be to get a repair or replacement estimate from a professional Bergen County roofing contractor. The cost determined by the contractor will be the beginning point of the insurance company's calculation of how much will be paid toward roof repairs.

The age of the roof often controls how reimbursement is calculated. One common approach taken by insurance companies is to cover the cost of repairs if a roof is less than 10 years old. For roofs over 10 years of age, insurance might pay for a roof replacement. However, some policies specify that reimbursement will not exceed the depreciated value of the roof.

The extent of damage could also influence whether an insurance policy will only pay for repairs rather than covering the cost for a full roof replacement.

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A small area of a roof that was struck by a falling tree might only qualify for a repair, whereas widespread damage, such as high winds peeling off many shingles across the whole roof, might trigger payment for replacement.

Insurance policies also address the cause of damage. Some causes will be excluded from coverage. For example, neglect of a building that results in moisture buildup and structural damage might disqualify a claim. Flood damage that reaches a roof is also a common exclusion.

Taking pictures of their house when it is in good condition is a good idea for any homeowner. Doing so will create evidence that can be used to demonstrate that the building was well maintained prior to a damaging event. Regular maintenance to gutters and ventilation systems by a roofing company could also lengthen the life of a roof and prevent an insurance adjuster from claiming that a property was neglected. A homeowner should also review a policy to see if it covers common problems like windstorm damage. If necessary, the homeowner could request additional coverage instead of being disappointed later.

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