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When having a new roof installed, many homeowners have the option of choosing between a tear off or opting for a reroofing project. There can certainly be good reasons to choose either of these options. However, for homeowners who are interested in saving a little money, reroofing is often an excellent solution.

Many homeowners don't even realize that they have a choice. Of course, a new roof installation can be a big expense, even for those who don't choose a high end ceramic or metal roof. Even a common asphalt shingle roof will likely be a major expense, so it is important for homeowners to know that they have options.

Many Bergen County roofing professionals offer reroofing as well as a new roof installation following the tear off of the old roofing system. Homeowners who are interested in reroofing should contact a reputable roofing contractor to discuss whether this would be a possibility for their home.

There are times when a complete tear off is the only option. For example, if the roof deck is not structurally sound, repairs will be necessary before a new roof can be installed. This will require the removal of the old shingles and underlayment. Other factors that can prohibit reroofing include large sections of missing shingles or a roof that has already been reroofed.

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Any homeowner who is considering reroofing should first consult with an experienced roofing contractor. The contractor should inspect the roof and ensure that it is capable of handling the added weight. If there is any doubt as to the roof's ability to provide a structurally sound base for another layer of shingles, a professional engineer should be consulted.

When the roof is in good condition and the structural integrity is sound, reroofing can be an excellent way for a homeowner to save time and money. When a roofing company reroofs a home, they will generally only remove flashing, cap shingles and any damaged shingles. They will usually be able to recover enough of the old shingles to use for replacing ripped or curled shingles.

In the past, many homeowners were reluctant to reroof because they didn't want to have to deal with the problems that were common with this type of roofing system. However, with new fiberglass shingles, reroofing generally poses no more of a problem than a new roof that is installed after the old materials are removed. In fact, reroofing has become a very accepted industry practice and is available through almost any reputable roofing contractor.

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