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Building a new home from the ground up means addressing every component of the home in order to establish the best final configuration. The roof is one of the most important sections of the home to choose correctly, so homeowners should be sure to invest in a system that will be able to meet their needs. The Bergen County roofing professionals will be more than happy to help homeowners by providing them with valuable advice on the right roofing system. By keeping in mind some of the advantages that come with these lesser used systems, however, homeowners will be able to choose a unique installation that can define the aesthetic of their home.

To begin, one of the most efficient systems that homeowners can invest in is known as the butterfly roof. This is a unique roofing shape that features two standard roofing slopes coming together at a single line. These systems are renowned for their appearance and how efficiently they can allow homeowners to collect rainwater and meltwater for practical uses around the house.

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However, individuals will need to remember to reinforce the valley where the two slopes meet in order to prevent the constant stream of water from damaging the roof's surface and causing leaks.

Another efficient yet less commonly used roofing shape to choose is known as the saltbox roof. This is an asymmetrical roofing shape that features one longer slope that extends over one section of the home. This irregular shape makes the roof particularly well suited to regular maintenance, as the longer slope is usually easier to observe from the ground. However, because of how low one slope of the roof will be, homeowners will need to plan ahead in order to make sure that snow and water does not collect and build up on the roof's surface.

Finally, homeowners may choose to invest in a shed roof. This is a roofing configuration that only features one slope. One side of the roof will extend down and provide the home with a uniquely asymmetric look that can add value to the home. These roofing systems are designed to work as efficiently as any other sloped systems, but they are not without their own downsides. Homeowners may have trouble decorating the interior of their home and regulating the ventilation in their attic because of the fact that one side of the roof will always be higher than the other.

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