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Roof repairs can be expensive, and replacement can cost even more. Leaving a leaky roof unrepaired will only lead to more damage and repairs around the home. Regular roof inspections are a good way to stay ahead of major problems and keep the costs as low as possible. Sometimes, homeowners find themselves stuck with a small budget and a big problem. Thankfully, Bergen county roofing contractors have a few options available, which can cut the cost of repairs significantly and help homeowners get a few more years out of their aging roof. When performed by experienced professionals, these temporary fixes will provide a lower cost alternative without sacrificing quality.

The first option for older roofs is to have a roof sealant applied. Sealants can be applied on nearly any roofing material including wood or tile. To be effective, the roof must be free of any major holes or damage. Severely damaged shingles must be removed and replaced before the sealant is applied. This is only a temporary fix and doesn't come with any warranty for the future, but it will restore the waterproof barrier and protect the decking and substructure for a few years until the owners can afford a complete tear off.

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The most common source of leaks is the flashing around penetration joints. Over time, UV rays and oxidation degrade the flashing metal and sealants, providing moisture a way in. Before deciding on a complete replacement of the roofing, homeowners should have the flashing inspected and replaced. This simple step can often allow homeowners to get the full life out of their roof covering. Replacing the flashing will go a long way toward restoring the roof so it is fully functional. Up to 90 percent of roof leaks are due to problems with flashing. This fact makes it the first place homeowners should look if they can't afford a new roof.

On asphalt shingle roofs, it may be possible to add a new layer of shingles over the existing ones. This option is more expensive than the previous two but still quite a bit less than replacing the whole roof. For this to be possible, the decking and supports must be in good condition, and too many layers of shingles can't be in place already. Before installing the new layer, the old shingles must be smoothed to make a good base. This entails removing badly damaged shingles and cutting away any curled edges. If done properly, the new layer will extend the life of the roof up to a decade.

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