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As with every kind of roofing material, slate roofs need to be maintained. This can take some involvement because it takes a Bergen County roofing professional to assess if there are any problems developing with a slate roof. An inspection every spring is necessary when a home has a slate roof. The most common repair for a slate roof is fixing one of the pieces of slate itself after it has cracked or slipped out of place. This tends to happen over the winter months. If it is cracked, a roofer can fix the piece of slate or replace it if it is unable to be fixed. If it has slipped, the roofer will have it put back in its spot after they insure there was no leakage or damage at that area.

Another type of basic repair on a slate roof is with the flashing. These are the metal pieces seen around the chimney, vents, in any of the valleys of the roof and at the ridge. When there is a slate roof on a home, the flashing is made of one of two types of metal: copper or galvanized steel. Copper is the better material of the two and is more expensive.

If the roof is less than 70 years and the flashing is made of copper, there is no need to worry about wear as long as nothing has fallen on the roof and moved or poked a hole in it.

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The copper will turn color over its lifetime. A homeowner will know the copper flashing is good until after it has turned a natural green for several years and starts to go into a black color.

Galvanized steel flashing lasts up to 20 years. Because it is steel, it needs to be kept painted or it will begin to rust. Once rusted, it is no longer in good working order and will need to be replaced. While galvanized steel costs less money to install with a slate roof, it is costly to maintain. Therefore, it may be advantageous and cost effective to install the copper flashing when it is first put down with the slate roof or when the galvanized steel flashing is replaced.

Lastly, a homeowner will want to check the gutters around the slate roof. Cleaning the debris from the gutter will help keep any water from backing up under the slate and causing any water damage to the supporting structure of the roof.

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