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Installing a new metal roof on a home is a huge financial responsibility. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars in order to have the roof that is safe, attractive and leak free. Bergen County roofing professionals have seen that there are of couple of common problems that cause metal roof leaks.

One of the most common reasons that a roof will leak is because it was damaged during a storm. Standing seam metal panels or shingles may be blown away because of strong winds. This is something that occurs frequently when roofs have been installed using incorrect fasteners and are not securely attached to the roof decking. It is important to thoroughly inspect a roof after a storm and then have a professional repair any problems as soon as possible.

The slope of the roof may contribute to roof leaks. A slope with a minimum four inch rise for every 12 inches of roof run is required for metal roofs. When metal shingles are used on a roof that has a 3:12 slope or less, homeowners are likely to notice leaks.

There are certain areas of metal roofs that are more vulnerable to leaks. This includes any penetrations in the roof, like skylights and chimneys. End walls and valley flashing are also more vulnerable and can be difficult to troubleshoot and repair.

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There are certain steps that contractors will take to repair these more vulnerable areas. For example, when leaky flashing is found around a skylight, a specialized silicone will be used to repair the area. The underlayment will need to be inspected to make sure it is in good condition and sufficiently high. If the end wall flashing is leaky, the contractor will need to make sure that the flashing is at least five or six inches above the base. If it is not, the contractor will have to replace the flashing.

If the seams of a metal roof are not soldered properly, leaks can occur. This is especially the case when it comes to copper standing seam roofs. If a leak is noticed in this type of roof, a roofer may have to remove the copper panels, use a solar seal caulking between the seams and then re solder the seams of the metal panels.

If metal roofs are installed properly and leaks are detected and repaired quickly, they will prove to be a durable and reliable roofing option for homeowners. Homeowners should be sure to only hire experienced roofers to install metal roofs. This will guarantee the quality of their work.

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