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One of the benefits that Bergen County roofing professionals have seen in installing a metal roof is that because it is lightweight, and it can be installed over existing roofing material without needing to install additional roofing supports. Homeowners like the idea of being able to install a metal roof over an existing roof because it saves them thousands of dollars by allowing them to avoid the tear off process. However, there are some precautions that should be taken when installing a metal roof over an existing one.

In most cases, it is not recommended to install a standing seam metal roofing system over an old asphalt shingle roof. This is because of the telegraphing of the shingles that will take place under the standing seam panels. During the winter months as snow accumulates on the standing seam roof, the asphalt shingles underneath will make horizontal dents in the metal panel.

Additionally, temperature changes throughout the day will cause a metal roof to expand and contract. This may cause the metal roofing material to rub against the stone or ceramic granules on top of the asphalt shingles underneath.

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Eventually this will erode the protective covering of the metal roofing material and may lead to some corrosion on the underside of the metal panels.

There are other precautions that should be taken when installing a metal roofing system. For example, most metal roofing systems should only be installed on buildings that have at least a minimum slope of 3:12 or more. There are some exceptions to this rule as certain standing seam metal roof systems have been designed to work with roofs that have a slope of 2:12 or less. However, these systems are usually used on commercial or industrial buildings.

Metal roofs should only be installed by professionals who have ample experience working with this material. If the installation is done incorrectly, it will lead to serious leaks, which will cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace in the future.

If a metal roof is installed properly, it can be considered a lifetime system. A homeowner will not need to install another roof on their home or office building ever again. Aluminum can last for 50 years, and copper and zinc roofs have been known to last for over a century. This means that metal roofs will last between 3 to 7 times longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof that typically needs to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

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