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The roof is the part of a home most responsible for keeping the infrastructure in good condition and protected from weathering elements. It accounts for approximately 40 percent of a home's visual impression. Most of the time, homeowners can visually inspect their home to make sure that there are no roofing problems. Any repairs that are in order should be made by an experienced Bergen County roofing contractor.

To ensure that roofing problems are found while they are small and capable of being easily repaired, a homeowner should inspect the attic after a heavy rainstorm to check for signs of leaking. A leak does not necessarily mean that the roof must be replaced. In fact, most roof leaks are caused by deteriorated waterproofing strategies such as pipe boots, flashing and sealants. Leaks must be tended to quickly before they cause major, more extensive damage.

One symptom of a leaking roof that may not be intuitively associated with the roof is peeling or blistering paint. When wood or drywall absorbs moisture, paint can no longer adhere to its surface. Peeling paint could signal the existence of a small but persistent leak.

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These types of leaks can cause a lot of damage because they often go undetected until a major problem, like mold growth, presents itself. The spores released by mold proliferation can be a health hazard for the home's occupants.

After a heavy rain, homeowners should also look at the opening to their downspouts. Sand like granules on the ground may indicate that the asphalt shingles are losing their protective covering and are nearing the end of their lifespan. If the storm included hail, the presence of granules near the downspout could mean that the roof has sustained hail damage. In either event, a roofer should be called to do a professional assessment of the roof's condition. A hail damaged roof could begin to leak, becoming a source of more serious damage to the home.

If a storm brings high winds with it, homeowners should survey their yard after the storm has passed to see if there are shingles on the ground. Shingle blow off is common in roofs that were not properly sealed at installation or that are nearing the end of their useful life. While replacing blown off shingles is very important process, it is also a very easy one. However, putting off this repair could cause more costly damage to the roofing structure.

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