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Insulation is an essential part of every home. It works to stop unwanted air exchange and energy loss, increasing the home's comfort and efficiency. Adequately insulated houses tend to have fewer maintenance problems, longer lasting roofing systems and less frequent repair needs as well. The best way to ensure that insulating materials are correctly installed is to use a professional Bergen County roofing service. Insulation will not perform as expected if it has been installed upside down, too loosely, too compactly or with missing spots.

One of the easiest types of insulation to install is rolled fiberglass blankets. This kind of insulation goes up quickly and does not require the use of any fasteners or adhesives, even when it is installed between steeply sloped rafters. Fiberglass rolls can be faced with a layer of Kraft paper, which acts as a vapor barrier and fire resistant material. If insulation has a fire resistant backing, it should be facing into the attic rather than against the wood.

Roofers should select the correct width of blankets so that the edges are not left bare or compressed. Tiny areas can be filled with small pieces of the fiberglass, but it should not be squished into any crevices or cracks. If the insulation is placed with the backing against the decking, it will lose its fire resistance, and the roof may develop condensation and moisture problems.

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Blown in fiberglass or cellulose is another popular type of insulation. This material is installed with strong blowers that propel the insulation fibers and give them loft. The loft is what gives the insulation its R value. During the installation process, roofers install baffles to protect electrical boxes and vents from becoming obstructed with bits of the fluffy insulation. Once the insulation is in place, the baffles can be removed.

Sprayed foam insulation is growing in popularity due to its high R value. It can be made from soy byproducts or petroleum based materials. The spray foam can only be installed by professionals. It cures rapidly, so if it lands on a place where it does not belong, removing it can be tricky. If the finished surface is uneven, the roofers can use handsaws to create a surface that is flush with the rafters.

Rigid foam boards are gaining in popularity as insulation as well. This type has a high R value but requires care during insulation to avoid ripping the foil backing. The foil acts as a radiant barrier and faces into the attic space.

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