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Ventilation is an important consideration in roofing. Airflow is essential to extending the life of the roof, lowering energy costs and preventing damage and rot. A combination of a well insulated attic floor and a well ventilated roof will ensure that the roof stays cool enough in winter to prevent snowmelt and ice dams and warm enough in summer to prevent condensation. A Bergen County roofing professional can assess the ventilation needs of the home roof.

The most common ways to ventilate an attic space are with ridge vents and soffit vents. A ridge vent is installed at the peak of two sloped roof sections. The vent is installed over an opening left in the roof decking at the peak to allow air to flow. The vent is then covered in shingles for weather protection. Soffit vents come in various shapes and sizes. They are installed at regular intervals by cutting holes in the soffit around the roof and installing the vents into these holes. This system allows air to flow in through the soffit vents and out through the ridge vents. This works to keep the temperature of the attic air as close to the outside temperature as possible. If the attic air temperature is close to the outside air temperature, there should be little problems with snowmelt in the winter and condensation in the summer.

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Proper insulation in the attic is also important to keep air conditioned air out of the attic in the summer and heated air out of the attic in the winter. It is important when installing insulation to be careful not to block the soffit vents with the insulation material. Blocked soffit vents can reduce the air circulation in the attic and reduce proper ventilation. Care must be taken in areas where the roof meets the walls. Baffles can be installed on the roof deck near the soffit vents to increase airflow from the soffits and prevent insulation from falling into the soffit and blocking the vents.

In homes with protrusions into the attic, such as vaulted ceilings or recessed lights, it may be difficult to properly insulate the attic from the rest of the home. Proper ventilation is also more difficult with complicated roofs designed with many gables or dormers. In this case, it is possible to insulate the roof itself. This is accomplished by using either rigid foam insulation or air permeable spray foam insulation against the roof deck. Proper ventilation of the roof will go a long way to ensuring the longest life for the roof.

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