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Many homeowners are exploring ways to increase the comfort and beauty of their home. One way is by bringing more of nature into their home, such as through the installation of more windows and skylights. Bergen County roofing companies have experienced a sharp increase in the demand for residential skylight installation in recent years because of this trend.

Skylights have many advantages, but two of these benefits quite frequently influence homeowners to have them installed. These reasons are that year round they bring warm sunlight and a fresh perspective on the natural world into the home. Through the seasons, well placed skylights capture the bright blue sky of summer, the flash of autumn color, the gently whisper of winter snow, and the patter of light spring rains, while also opening the home to the stars at night and the possibility of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

For those considering installation, three basic types of skylights are on the market right now: fixed skylights, ventilating skylights, and tubular skylights. As the name suggests, fixed skylights do not open; however, they are easy to maintain and provide plenty of light for the home. Ventilating skylights open much like windows do, but they can open either manually or electrically.

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Tubular skylights are designed to focus sunlight into dim areas of the home and more closely resemble recessed lighting.

Choosing the best skylight for bringing more of the natural world into the home might seem difficult to first glance. Tubular skylights often do not offer as pleasant of a view as the other types, despite their numerous pragmatic advantages in terms of energy efficiency and alternative lighting. Ventilating skylights require more maintenance, but also allow cool breezes and fresh air into the home. Fixed skylights focus on allowing sunlight inside, but offer few additional benefits.

These days, many homeowners are opting for solar powered ventilating skylights to reduce energy costs and get the most out of their new skylight. Solar power cells allow the ventilation system to be engaged without drawing power from the grid and adding to the monthly power bill. This makes them more eco friendly than their traditional electric counterparts, not to mention more cost effective.

For those who feel certain they would never or seldom open their skylight, a fixed model might be a better choice due to reduced upfront costs and maintenance. They can still enjoy the beauty of the sky and seasons, but with fewer concerns about keeping the skylight in working order. Either way, the homeowner is certain to enjoy their home more, thanks to the added light and beauty of nature.

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