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When having a roof inspected by a roofing company, a home inspector or an insurance appraiser, homeowners should take an active role in the inspection process. Many homeowners do not become involved simply because they are unsure of what the pertinent information is or what questions they should ask their Bergen County roofing contractor.

For starters, a homeowner should never feel bad about asking an inspector what his or her credentials are. Licensed, skilled roofing specialists will likely be proud to speak about their education and experiences. This question posed to someone who is not licensed or skilled may cause an awkward moment, but that awkwardness is worth knowing whether an individual is really qualified. It is common for home inspectors, for instance, to have only basic roof knowledge, so a second opinion may be necessary before acting on any advice.

Homeowners should also ask the inspector to take digital photos of any damage or other issues during the inspection.

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This practice is commonplace because a homeowner cannot go everywhere an inspector does and because digital cameras are so portable, but it is good to establish at the beginning of the inspection that all aspects of the report outside the norm will be supported with photo evidence.

Once the roof inspection is underway, homeowners should give the inspector space to do his or her job but be prepared to ask questions after the inspection is complete. Specifically, homeowners should ask about the condition of shingles or tiles, the underlayment and the roof structure. They should ask if there are any weaknesses associated with those components or if there are potential issues that may arise. They should then follow those questions by asking if there are specific aspects of the roof to monitor due to the condition of the roof, features of the roof or home or the environment.

If any aspect of the inspection report is unclear, homeowners should ask for clarification. They may also want to take advantage of this opportunity by asking the inspector about the roof with an eye toward the future. Information that can be very useful includes the need for a specialized technician, anything that can be done to extend the roof's durability and longevity and how often the roof inspector would recommend having the roof inspected. Homeowners should shape these questions based on the circumstances. Questions posed to an inspector performing a routine inspection will be different from those posed to an insurance appraiser.

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