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The cost to replace a roof will generally always exceed the cost to repair a roof, but there are circumstances where it is better to have a new roof installed rather than to fix the existing one. In some situations, it is very clear that this is the case, such as when a roof is old and ongoing repairs have been necessary. However, if damage is severe but the roof isn't within a few years of the end of its lifespan, the choice to repair or replace it may not be clear.

The first step to making this choice should be to get both repair and replacement estimates from a Bergen County roofing service. Most asphalt roofs can last about 30 years. By looking at the cost of having a new roof installed and dividing it by the average lifespan, people can get an idea of how much value is left in their roof.

Multiplying the number of years left in a roof's lifespan by the yearly value of a roof will tell someone how much their roof is worth. For example, if a new roof will cost $12,000, each year of a roof's lifespan is worth $400.

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If a roof is 20 years old, that means it has $4,000 of value left it in. This is a rough estimate, but homeowners should generally avoid spending more to repair a roof than its approximate remaining value.

The condition of a roof should also play an important role in determining if someone should fix a roof or have a new one installed. Even if a roof has more value remaining it than the cost of repairing it, if it is in poor condition, it may be a good idea to replace it. If a homeowner is likely to have to replace the roof in a few years anyway, there's no reason to spend a large amount of money on a repair.

Whatever route a homeowner takes, they should not put the decision off. Roofing problems will only get worse the longer they are not addressed. Even a simple problem such as missing shingles can quickly turn into a large and expensive issue if water works its way past weatherproofing and to a roof deck. Once water is in an attic, it can start to damage rafters and insulation and allow mold to grow.

These issues can turn an affordable repair into costly damages, and could result in the need to replace the entire roof.

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