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One of the most important parts of maintaining a roof is performing routine inspections on the structure with the help of Bergen County roofing professionals. Not only does this help to find repairs that are needed, but it will ultimately prolong the lifespan of the materials. When hiring a roofer to complete the job, there are a few steps to expect during the process.

Leaks are a common problem on roofs and can threaten the interior of the building if they're not repaired quickly. The roofing inspection will include an exam of the building to determine if leaks are present and find where they're located. The roofer will access the attic with a flashlight to look for areas where stains or mold have developed. The professional will also check to see if sunlight is coming through the roof boards in order to locate potential leaks.

The flashing on the chimneys of the roof is another part of the structure that will also be checked out to ensure that it's still in good condition. It's important that the material is watertight and seals off the roof to prevent moisture from leaking into the home. If gaps or rust are present, it can quickly lead to leaks around the vents or chimneys.

The rain gutters on the roof will also be inspected to ensure that they do not contain any debris, such as twigs and leaves, that can accumulate during the year.

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If the gutters are not cleaned thoroughly, it can cause melted snow or rainwater to become backed up on top of the building. This can also cause leaks to develop on the roof and on the metal gutters.

In addition to the flashing and gutters, roofers will inspect other areas to protect against potential problems and damage. During a comprehensive roofing inspection, roofers should also evaluate the drip edge, pipes, chimneys, ridges, and caps that are present on the roof.

The roof's life expectancy will also be determined during the inspection with an estimation of how long it will last until it needs to be replaced. The process will conclude with the roofer providing an inspection certificate that details the results of the exam.

If repairs are needed on the roof, the professional will also be able to provide an estimate for the overall cost of the repairs. In some cases, it may take a day or more to write out an estimate because the contractor might need time to price needed materials. The homeowner can then schedule a day that future repairs can be made to protect the home.

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