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Periodically checking the integrity of a roof could save property owners a lot of money. The best way to save money on a roof is to take preventative measures to ensure that the roof stays up to par. Doing an inspection semi annually will help prevent damage and save homeowners money on repairs when the damage is caught early. The best way to perform a proper inspection is to hire a Bergen County roofing professional. However, homeowners can do a few things in the meantime.

A homeowner should try doing a quick walk around of the building in order to inspect the roof's integrity. If possible, they should avoid walking on the roof of the building because that can cause damage or possibly wear the roof down. If viewing the roof proves difficult, it's best to try using a pair of binoculars.

When evaluating the roof's structure, homeowners can look for any defects or slants. Visible defects and slants could be signs of a problem. Homeowners can use a ladder to get a better view of the roof's structure. While using a ladder, however, it's important to choose a firm, fortified spot to place the bottom of the ladder. Choosing proper placement for the ladder helps ensure that no accidents happen.

If it is necessary to climb onto the roof of the home, homeowners should always use precaution in order to avoid injury. During the inspection, homeowners should be aware of any cracks and spots where the coating is starting to wear.

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Those cracks could be the beginning of a leak. Water damage in the home is one of the top problems in the roofing industry.

When inspecting the materials of the roof, it's important to look at the shingles and make note of any signs of wear and tear. It is also vital to make note of any visible nail heads or nails poking up out of the shingles. Visible nail heads and those that have worked loose from the shingles could cause leaking to occur.

In the sunnier Southwest, homeowners should be aware that UV rays can cause damage to the roof. Main target areas to check are usually around any fixtures on the roof such as chimneys and the like. Cupolas may require additional inspection. Signs of UV damage may include faded areas or those that appear worn and brittle.

The next step is to carefully locate and enter the attic. Homeowners should make sure to have a flashlight on and inspect the wood of the ceiling. Dark, blotchy spots on the wood indicate that there is a leak. This could lead to significant water damage and is best taken care of to prevent any further water damage to the property. Funky smells in the attic may also indicate the presence of moisture, mold and mildew.

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