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Roof replacement projects are large investments for homeowners. Typically, homeowners interview several contractors and research many materials before settling on a specific installation type. Some homeowners might consider rooftop layering as a viable installation option. In a rooftop layering project, the old shingles remain on the roof and are covered by new ones. Before deciding to go with a layering project, residents should discuss all of the associated benefits and drawbacks with a Bergen County roofing professional. Regardless of the installation style, the finished roof product must last for several decades.

In most cases, homeowners consider layered rooftops because they are much less expensive than a complete roof restoration, which includes both the tear off of old shingles and the installation of new materials. Layering projects, on the other hand, don't require the tear off step and can help the homeowner save on labor costs and material disposal fees as a result.

Despite the cost savings, one major drawback of a layered rooftop installation is that contractors are not able to inspect the underlying materials and structures, such as the underlayment and roof deck. This means that they will not be able to repair any existing damage that might exist below the roof covering. If significant damage exists, the roof could continue to deteriorate and eventually fail, which could lead to time consuming and costly repairs in the future.

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Before starting the project, contractors must take rooftop loads into serious consideration. One shingle layer is standard for nearly every structure using basic organic roofing materials. Because of this, two or three shingle layers could place too much strain on structural framework. Contractors must calculate precise loads to protect the home. Exceeding maximum weight loads compromises structural integrity and resident safety.

Typically, alternative roofing materials cannot be layered like asphalt shingle products. Shakes, metal, tiles and slate materials require a complete tear off and replacement. However, contractors could possibly layer these materials over old shingles. If homeowners are interested in this layering alternative, they must discuss it with experienced roofers. Some contractors may not specialize in this installation technique, so one should research companies thoroughly before hiring them for alternative projects.

Homeowners should visit nearby homes with new roofs to see both layering and traditional installations. Residents may notice, that layered shingles create a stacked appearance from ground level. In the end, homeowners may not like the layered look and decide to go with a complete roof renovation. Residents must research all rooftop choices to find the perfect layout for their home's distinct exterior decor.

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