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Contractors must always weigh repair costs versus replacement costs when surveying roofs. In fact, minor repairs could escalate into major renovations when isolated problems spread across a structure. With that in mind, many Bergen County roofing contractors will explain all repair and replacement aspects so that homeowners can make an educated choice among services.

In many cases, homeowners perceive patching as the least expensive repair option. As they see it, paying for minor materials and a few labor hours will result in a solid roof. However, patch projects simply fix isolated roof areas. Other declining materials may fail soon, meaning that a contractor must return and perform another project. In the end, roof patching can add up to significant costs, even over a fairly short time. Homeowners may want to consider roof replacement if all materials are near their maximum lifespan.

Additionally, homeowners must consider future bad weather and its effect on older rooftops. For example, bad weather could severely damage previously inspected and verified roofing materials. These older materials may have still been viable during their last inspection, but might need to be immediately replaced following subsequent bad weather to prevent moisture from damaging the home.

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As a result, homeowners may pay for the previous inspection and a new roof within a few months of each other. These costs are extensive if roofs are relatively large surface areas.

Overall, new roof projects tend to cost less for homeowners because warranties are in effect. Damaged shingles from a mild storm could be defective, for example, meaning contractors would replace these materials with no charge to homeowners. Roof warranties are often a combination of manufacturer and contractor policies. In the end, homeowners might pay no more than a fraction of the cost for a new roof compared to numerous patching appointments.

Ideally, home buyers want turnkey properties to reduce maintenance costs as they move in. A brand new roof, for example, is a major selling feature for homeowners. In fact, the property value could greatly increase based on roof materials alone. As contractors survey a roof and offer several repair options, homeowners should always consider replacement investments as a viable option to significantly improve property aesthetics, functionality and value.

At every maintenance appointment, contractors must inspect all roof surfaces. Steep slope surfaces and shed roofs, for instance, are examined with the same detailed strategies as larger areas. If homeowners are concerned about particular inspection strategies, they must speak to on site supervisors. These professionals can explain all project procedures in great detail. Ideally, no roof surface should be overlooked at any appointment.

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