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When a roof has been worn or damaged beyond what simple spot repairs can fix, it is time for the building owner to consider replacing or recovering the roof. Recovering a roof is by far the cheaper option, and is preferred by many building owners on a budget. While it is argued that roof recovering is not as good or as dependable as a total replacement, if done by a Bergen County roofing professional, the results should be dependable and long lasting.

Covering a roof involves placing new roofing material over the top of the existing roof. The covering process begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning of the roof surface. A quality contractor will ensure that the covering is not going to be compromised by excessively damaged, dirty, uneven or wet material underneath. The professional should also be upfront with the owner about the viability of covering. If the deepest layers of the roof such as the deck, trusses or insulation are damaged or wet, covering the roof may actually make existing problems worse. Moisture becomes trapped under the new material, rotting the roof from the inside. The roof will continue to fail, and the covering will rapidly deteriorate. If, on the other hand, the problems are merely surface level, such as worn out shingles or membranes, then recovering is usually a safe option.

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Commercial buildings may have other reasons beyond finances that make recovering a more attractive option. Replacing a roof involves tearing off the old roof first. This means plenty of noise and dust and a much longer and more involved construction process. If sensitive medical or electronic equipment is in use, this could mean relocating that equipment for the duration of the project. Most businesses will need to be shut down entirely during a roof replacement. At minimum, a business owner can expect a serious disruption in business that would not happen during a simple recovering.

Although many aspects weigh on the decision to recover a roof, the cost is one of the primary reasons to prefer it. The material, labor and disposal costs will be much lower for a recovering. There will be less disruption to business, and the job will be completed faster. Recovering may also be a temporary step to prevent excessive failure and damage while giving the business time to budget for a total tear off and replacement. Choosing recovering involves a detailed discussion with a contractor and careful consideration.

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