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Homeowners have a chance to secure their house's roof before a storm strikes because of accurate and extended forecasts. In fact, the period before a storm is a perfect time to hire Bergen County roofing professionals for an evaluation. As a result, homeowners can have all roof surfaces checked for loose components to prevent major damages from storm winds and driving rain.

Primarily, contractors want to verify that all shingles are flush against the rooftop. During rainstorms, winds striking rooftops will pull loose materials upward. In severe cases, shingles tear off from homes and expose sensitive underlayment below. Generally, contractors locate any curled or cracked shingles and immediately replace them. Winds damage shingles even with slight flaws, for example. Homeowners who have their rooftops routinely inspected should only expect minor repairs before an impending storm.

Additionally, contractors scrutinize all shingle and flashing fasteners. In general, roofing nails securely hold most materials down. However, fasteners can loosen over time due to declining materials or poor nail spacing. Contractors will inspect all roofing fasteners and secure them again for optimal protection against storm damage. If roofers find nails at unusual angles, for example, they'll pull these fasteners and replace them.

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Any misaligned nails could allow moisture into sensitive underlayment and wood layers below.

In some cases, contractors add roofing cement to loose shingle tabs. Strong storms, for instance, could lift shingle tabs regardless of the installation's original strength. As a simple solution, professionals use roofing cement to secure tabs, which lowers shingle sections and reduces uplift possibilities. The resulting roofing system is one large component ready to protect the home from strong rain and wind gusts.

In reality, some roof repairs might not be possible before a storm. However, contractors can still prepare the roof with basic tarps. These simple coverings attach to structural anchor points along side areas, for example. Contractors use strong fasteners and rope to keep the tarp firmly against the home. After the storm passes, roofers return to complete the work without any further damage to the household's interior. Tarps remain strong temporary solutions for critical roof damage control.

Ideally, homeowners should contact roofers after a storm for follow up appointments. Roof preparation can reduce major damages, but minor problems could arise from damaging winds. Generally, contractors walk across the roof to look for any changes since their initial visit. In most cases, contractors will only find small issues to repair. Consistent material attention results in long lasting roofs with few major problems.

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