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Though homeowners may have just hired roofers to install their new rooftop or gutter system, the first major rainstorm can create problems. As rain falls onto the structure, loud noises might develop in roofs or gutters as moisture flows to appropriate ground drains. As a solution, homeowners can contact trusted Bergen County roofing professionals to devise a sound deadening plan for the entire system. In the end, both shingled and metal roofs can have quiet surfaces as rain pelts the region.

Brand new gutter installations protect the rooftop and foundation from water erosion and other damage. However, horizontal gutter lengths can be noisy as rain strikes and flows across metal channels. As a noise solution, contractors might add bottle brush guards to gutter lengths. These gutter guards are meant to protect systems from debris blockages by using their spines as deflectors. In the end, bottle brushes also prevent loud water sounds from developing as water filters past spines and into downspouts.

At times, rain can be extremely noisy as it strikes flat or low slope roof surfaces. Homeowners should consider attic insulation, for example, to combat noisy conditions. Insulation also helps the home retain uniform temperatures throughout the year while dulling rainfall sounds on exterior surfaces. Ideally, contractors should install spray on insulation to fill all attic crevices for superior noise control.

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In reality, many rainfall noises emanate from perfectly vertical gutter downspouts. For instance, water flowing off rooftops drains through downspouts to strike a lower elbow or bend. This striking noise reverberates through gutter systems with surprising amplification. As a solution, contractors simply angle downspouts slightly outward from their vertical orientation. They'll use specialized downspout brackets attached to exterior walls to secure these system angles through all storm activities. As a result, all rainfall flows along downspout surfaces to reduce noises as it enters bent sections.

Currently, metal roofing offers homeowners an alternative to basic shingles. However, metal can have some noisy effects during driving rainstorms. Contractors fix this sound issue by adding foam inserts under paneling. In fact, these inserts dull all noises vibrating off metal surfaces, making roof noise similar to basic shingles. Ideally, contractors should install foam inserts during a new panel installation.

Some rooftop sounds are helpful for troubleshooting purposes. For example, shingle granules dropping in large quantities to the ground create noisy impact sounds and also indicate major surface weathering. In response, contractors must survey rooftops to verify aging effects and possible solutions. Ideally, shingles with loose granules are replaced for superior structural moisture protection.

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