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Homeowners have a lot to consider when it comes time to replace a roof. Decisions must be made about what type, shape and color of roofing material to use, when the work is to be conducted and how much will be spent on the project. Most importantly, homeowners should not neglect the thought process that goes into selecting a legitimate, quality roofing professional. Expert Bergen County roofing contractors are always available to assist homeowners and can be a wealth of information regarding design styles and choices.

Homeowners are cautioned against selecting a roofing professional based on a price quote alone. Avoid simply selecting the company that provides the lowest bid. Bids that come in lower than others may indicate that the roofing company is attempting to increase profits through the use of cheap materials or worse. Many low quotes only include the cost of installation and leave out the potential for needed repairs of other roofing materials, such as the deck or underlayment. Similarly, some companies will use four nails for each shingle as opposed to the more secure and recommended quantity of six.

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The best roofing contractors in an area are often in such high demand that they do not have to lower their prices to be competitive. There are several ways to tell if a roofing company is regarded highly and is likely do quality work. A well established and professional roofing company will gladly provide a long list of references and possibly photos from previous jobs. Homeowners are recommended to follow up with these references to get firsthand accounts of the contractor's work. The Internet is also a great resource for finding information and customer reviews of roofing contractors. The Better Business Bureau may also have information about a specific company.

Homeowners should also ensure their chosen contractor is insured. It is also important to double check that the contractor has the required permits for the work that is to be completed. Remember that good roofing companies will always back their work with a warranty and a guarantee that the work will be done right the first time. Companies that lack the proper insurance may make the homeowner liable if an accident occurs on the job site. Local roofing contractors are ideal, because they are likely to be familiar with the surrounding area's building codes. Homeowners with questions are encouraged to contact multiple roofing contractors and get a variety of estimates.

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