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The primary purpose of siding is to protect the home from the ravages of the elements. Although some materials fare better against various types of weather, routine inspections are advisable. Once an area of this surface is compromised, it can lead to a myriad of problems for the home internally. The slightest of cracks can progressively stretch across a sheet of siding while weakening the structure's ability to sustain against rain and other natural occurrences. An inspection of this kind is best left to a Bergen County roofing professional who has been trained to identify problematic areas of siding.

Siding materials such as vinyl can withstand a great deal of wind and rain. However, constant bombardment from hail can ultimately cause cracks and holes. Even wooden panels can be pummeled with enough force from frozen ice to fracture and splinter. Once the wall has been compromised in such a fashion, water can seep into the home and cause everything from rotting drywall to mold development. It's advisable to have your home inspected after hailstorms in order to catch the small problems before they become bigger complications.

While wind itself may not seem very dangerous to a house, it can still strike with enough force to completely remove entire sections of siding. This isn't including the damage that can be done to the side of the house from debris within these gusts of air.

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Virtually anything picked up by the wind can turn into a dangerous projectile. In the event of a hurricane, the danger can be compounded greatly as the smallest of debris can strike with incredible force.

Nature isn't the only thing that can cause damage to the siding of the home. Children playing baseball in the backyard can be a hazard should the ball strike the side of the house. Accidentally backing into the home with the car can damage siding as well. Many times, these kinds of holes are created when the material is weakened to begin with. Once a crack begins to form, it doesn't take a lot of pressure to break off large chunks of this shell.

One element to siding problems that many people don't consider is the damage caused by UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation can weaken most types of siding over time. Excessive exposure to the sunlight can cause materials such as vinyl to become brittle. This means that the slightest amounts of force can render large sections into several pieces. Although this usually takes a great deal of time, it may be something to consider for future renovations.

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