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Windows allow in natural light and fresh air, give residents a view to the outdoors and can add to the curb appeal of a home. The same is true of skylights, which are just windows placed in the ceiling. However, there are more benefits to skylights than just a great view for the home's occupants. Bergen County roofing experts know the pros and cons of having a skylight and will expertly guide homeowners in making the right decision about installing one.

Skylights look good inside the home and offer amazing views of the sun and stars, but there are other reasons to consider installing a skylight, including being environmentally friendly. Allowing in more natural light means less need for artificial light, which results in less energy usage. Unlike regular windows, skylights can distribute light across the room evenly, and because they make the ceiling appear wider, small spaces look bigger. They are great for areas that could benefit from natural lighting but don't have room for a window. Venting skylights give homeowners the options to open the window and let in more fresh air.

Skylights do have a few issues homeowners may not want to deal with. For starters, they can be expensive, and if homeowners choose to sell the house, a skylight may be a turnoff to some potential buyers.

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Another issue is the glass pane allowing the view. Without some type of window covering, skylights tend to allow too much hot or cold air inside the home during hot and cold weather. Additionally, there is the issue of leaks; skylights can leak around the flashing if not properly installed and maintained.

Homeowners have several things to think about when considering installing a skylight, such as choosing a skylight; they are not all the same. In addition to selecting a skylight that goes with the home's current look, homeowners should consider its size, energy efficiency and glazing. Third, proper installation can mean the difference between a great view from above and a leak in the roof. Installation involves proper skylight positioning, using the correct flashing and prioritizing safety. Skylights are installed on the roof, so safety precautions are a must.

Professional installers know the pros and cons of skylights. They know all the issues related to them as well as local building codes and requirements. Roofers can answer questions homeowners have and then help them decide if a skylight is right for their home.

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